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Homepage is available in English language

Added English for Kajiinomiya Goryu homepage.

We happily announce that our Kajiinomiya Goryu official homepage is now available also in English language! We hope to reach out to the world, of our heritage and the beauty of Ikebana. The English page is translated from the original Japanese page with a little descriptions in addition.

In a world of full attention to Japanese tradition and culture, Kajiinomiya Goryu wants to take a part of it too. Please stay tuned for updates and new contents both on our homepage and Instagram!

Please check out Kajiinomiya Goryu official Instagram too! Photos and news will be posted also in English language. Follow, like and share your love with us!

Thank you,

梶井宮御流 / Kajiinomiya Goryu


梶井宮御流ーストアリンク eng (1).png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link eng.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sanzenin link.png
梶井宮御流ー三千院リンク eng.png
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