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Kajiinomiya Goryu is ..


Kajiinomiya Goryu Ikebana School originates from the Tendai sect's temple, Sanzen-in in Kyoto, which was founded by Saicho in the Heian period. The imperial family has served here in the temple since the arrival of Emperor Horikawa's second prince, Saiun-hosshin.

Since its foundation in 7th century, the "Mitsu(3)-gusoku", which is the traditional arrangement of three elements in Japanese Buddhism, the censer, the candlestick and the flower vase, have been handed down until now. 
Even though this flower vase and Ikebana is kept in front of the Buddhist altar, seasonal flowers in modern "Nageire" style are arranged in the living space of the Temple, and the atmosphere of four seasons has been always prized.

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