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※Currently no workshop available.


Can I start as a beginner?


Can I take a look on the lessons?

Of course okay.Click here to apply for a beginner workshop. (Currently available only in Japanese language.)

Feel free to join us! Seeing and feeling the atmosphere can give you much impression rather than watching them on the website.


What kind of clothes should I wear for the lessons?


How long it takes for one lesson?

​You are free to dress. Just to inform you that when you do Ikebana, your clothes may get dirty with pollen or water from flowers. So you may wear an apron.


What do I need to bring to the workshop?

There is no need to bring anything to the workshop, except for your own apron only if you are concerned about dirt. We will prepare the necessary tools (flower scissors, needle point holder, vessel) in the classroom.

It takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the style and size of the Ikebana you will work on.


Which tool do I need?

No need to bring or buy any tool, for the people who takes workshop or first lesson. For the tools that will be needed from the second time onward, we will guide you during the first lesson.


Is it possible to change the reserved lesson date?

Yes. Let us know and we'll re-schedule it.


How much is the lesson fee?

Please have a look on Ikebana  classroom page for more info about lessons and fees.

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