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Greeting from Iemoto

The Sanzen-in Monzeki of Kyoto, a temple that imperial members served, was once called the Kajii Monzeki, and is one of the five historical chambers of Kyoto.

The Ikebana school Kajiinomiya Goryu, which originates from the Sanzen-in Temple, has a history of more than 500 years preserving the tradition that has been passed down continuously. There are classical pattern of Ikebana that also matches to the modern furnishing and the modern Ikebana which reflects the person who arranges the flowers. In both patterns, We thoroughly pursue the dignity in our Ikebana.

A lifestyle with flowers enriches people's hearts and brightens the space. We hope that you will cherish the traditional Japanese culture of Ikebana with us.

Kajnomiya Goryu ​21st Iemoto Isshosai


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