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“Morioka Branch 100th Anniversary Ikebana Exhibition”

At Sakurayama Shrine, Morioka, Iwate Pref.

We, The Ikebana School Kajiinomiya Goryu Morioka Branch will hold a 2 days memorial exhibition at Sakurayama Shrine from 30th March, celebrating its 100 years of history.

We have 6 branches around Japan, and we're so grateful to have Morioka Branch which runs for a century now. It was founded in Taisho period, around 1920s, by the first branch chief Kawamura.

After 100 years of its activity, Morioka Branch is yet actively performing at Ikebana exhibitions and Ikebana organisations, we enjoy Ikebana with kids and schools in Morioka City too.

This 100th Anniversary Exhibition opens for 2 days from 30th March, and you may enjoy classic styled Ikebana as well as modern style of Kajiinomiya Goryu, and even Ikebana arts from our children classes.

We're looking forward to seeing you at Sakurayama Shrine, perhaps with beautifully blooming cherry blossoms!


2024 Sat. 30th March 10:00 〜 16:00

   Sun. 31st March 10:00 〜 15:00

【Place】Sakurayama Shrine(Address:Uchimaru 1-42, Morioka city, Iwate Pref.)

【Access】20 mins on foot from Morioka Station / 10 mins by bus from Morioka Sta., bus stop「県庁市役所前 / Kencho shiyakusho mae」

【Fee】Free entrance

※For details about Sakurayama Shrine, please check official homepage of Sakurayama Shrine .

梶井宮御流 盛岡支部100周年記念 華道展


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