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Homepage Renewal

New Homepage for Kajiinomiya Goryu Ikebana school!

We announce that we have renewed the whole Homepage for Kajiinomiya Goryu Ikebana School.

We chose to use the traditional chic navy blue # 17184B Tetsu Kon to refresh our style and school brand. We also added "Updates" section to keep our people informed for any exhibitions and art works.

We will commit ourselves to let the world find the beauty of Japanese traditional cultures and heritages, and to be one of the leading schools. Kajiinomiya Goryu will launch our homepage in multi languages too.

Please have a check on our new homepage, and keep you informed for upcoming events!

Kajiinomiya Goryu also has Instagram account, posting also in English too. Please follow us and support us! Kajiinomiya Goryu Instagram account ↓

Thanks for all the support,

梶井宮御流 / Kajiinomiya Goryu Ikebana School


梶井宮御流ーストアリンク eng (1).png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link eng.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sanzenin link.png
梶井宮御流ー三千院リンク eng.png
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