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“Hanazashiki Cafe” at Sankei-en Garden

At the Kakushokaku, tangible cultural property of Yokohama

Ikebana flower arrangements of Iemoto Socho Fujiwara will be exhibited at the event of "Hanazashiki Cafe(Spring tea ceremony cafe)" for four days at Kakushokaku in Sankeien Garden, Yokohama.

This even will be held for four days from 30th April to 3rd May, with a seasonal view of the Sankeien Garden, lovely Ikebana art and Matcha with Japanese sweet wagashi.


30th April, 2022 ~ 3rd May, 2022

【Where】Kakushokaku, Sankeien Garden, Yokohama, Kanagawa

【Access】City bus, stop at「三渓園入り口(Entrance of Sankeien Garden)」, or Burari Sankeien Bus, stop at「三渓園(Sankeien Garden)」.


Hanazashiki Cafe ¥1,500/person

Hama Cha Zen by KAHALA Hotel ¥2,800/person

※Entree fee of Sankeien Garden in additional.

To visit and view Ikebana of Socho Fujiwara, guests must buy either one of Cafe ticket. Additional info at「花ざしきカフェ―特別ないけばな空間で愉しむお茶のひととき」.


梶井宮御流ーストアリンク eng (1).png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link eng.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sanzenin link.png
梶井宮御流ー三千院リンク eng.png
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