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"The 11th Ikebana Autumn Exhibition"

At Sanzen-in Temple, Kyoto.

We, The Ikebana School Kajiinomiya Goryu, happily announce that we will hold the 11th Ikebana Autumn Exhibition in Sanzen-in Temple, Kyoto.

We have inherited Japanese Ikebana tradition for more than 500 years and it's the perfect time for your first experience of enjoying Ikebana. Please come to Ohara Sanzen-in Temple during the exhibition, there will be a beautiful autumn nature too.

We look forward to your visit.


2023 Sat. 4th November  8:30 〜 17:00

Sun. 5th November  8:30 〜 17:00

Mon. 6th November 8:30 〜 15:00

【Place】Enyubo, Sanzen-in Temple

(Address: Raikoin-cho 540, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. 601-1242)

【Access】10 mins on foot from「大原 / Ohara」bus stop.

【Fee】Admission fee of Sanzen-in Temple:General ¥700 / Students ¥400 / Under12 ¥150

For details such as [access] and [admission fee], please check the official Sanzen-in Temple homepage.

Ikebana exhibition in kyoto
Ikebana exhibition in Kyoto


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Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link eng.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sanzenin link.png
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