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At Timber Yard, 『Garden Anex』, Chiba

Head Master of Kajiinomiya Goryu, Socho Fujiwara, takes a part at the "FUJIWARA Socho ✕ TIMBER YARD" Showroom event at Timber Yard in Chiba.

This exhibition is organised by Timber Yard, who's a professional interior and housing company from Chiba prefecture. Timber Yard introduces one of the successful chair "The Egg" from a Danish designer Arne Emil Jacobsen, with a playful art piece of the Head Master, Socho Fujiwara. The event is from 7th January until 30th January.

We're looking forward to having you at the event. 【When】07. 01. 2023 ~ 30. 01. 2023

【Where】TIMBER YARD, Garden Annex

(Adress:Shin-minato 117, Mihama-ku, Chiba)

More info at Timber Yard Homepage below : (In Japanese)


梶井宮御流ーストアリンク eng (1).png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sankeien link eng.png
Kajiimiya Goryu-Sanzenin link.png
梶井宮御流ー三千院リンク eng.png
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